Well Done

Having a presence on social media—most often leads people to believe or make assumptions that I care a lot about who is reading my blog, liking my posts or following me on instagram... And the truth is, I do not. Don't get me wrong, I love hearing from readers and I'm always in awe when something I've written or posted touches someone in an inspirational way, but my day won't be ruined because a picture didn't get many likes or no one seemed to notice what I wrote. With that said, I am having an absolute BLAST with a platform that allows me to share my thoughts (most days I simply cannot believe that people are even slightly interested in what I'm up to,) explore what inspires me through design and hopefully through the process—lead others to be inspired and creative as well. But to attach to the comments or likes I receive would be a dangerous route, that I am unwilling to take.

Today at River Valley Church, I was convicted (like I am most Sundays) by the powerful message that was delivered with absolute love and care for my life. You can watch the entire message here. In my chair, I sat upright and at attention as my pastor asked, "Who do you want your well done to come from?"

Too often, I come across individuals who find worth in their friends, jobs, relationships, outcomes, wealth and even social media.  And if you take the question my pastor asked and let it sit in the authenticity of your existence, "who at the end of the day, do you most want to please?" Maybe the answer will surprise you. Take a look at what comes first in your life. The list— thankfully can be rearranged and appropriated.

So why did this question strike me so personally this morning? Because lately, I've been starting my day first—by seeing what picture I will post—instead of beginning with my devotion. And maybe you don't think that's such a big deal and that's just the thing, my devotion will happen, but I had things out of order. And having things out of order can cause havoc on the rest of the day, not to mention—can create a habit that ultimately won't serve me or others.

So my new rule is this...Prayer and time with God first, then instagram and blog after. And isn't that amazing that God gives us the freedom and will to come to these kind of changes on our own time. I love that!

I've said before that I believe it pleases God when we pursue the passions that He has put on our hearts and my instagram and blog are great examples of His goodness in my life. I'm also thankful that I'm paying attention to what comes FIRST in my life, because I know for certain that I won't find my well done in my comment column or number of likes on a picture. 

So I ask, "who does YOUR well done come from?"

XO ~Heather

Matthew 25:21