"Wake Up Call"

In honor of Listen To Your Mother, I am writing about my own experience and wishing all the women who are reading tonight at the, River View Theatre a big giant GOOD LUCK and CONGRATULATIONS! Pictured below is the cast of talented writers (right before we took the stage.) I have never been more honored than I was that night...It was everything you'd expect about motherhood-the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful all wrapped up in the voices of these amazing women. You can listen to all of their stories on YouTube by searching, Listen To Your Mother 2016.

My piece is called, "Wake Up Call," (click here to watch) and it's the story of my son calling from school after the drug dog had found pot in his car. Lovely! I know. But the story is true. It happened. To me (little ol' me!) And my son and I are forever changed by the choices and decisions that followed that life changing moment.

Making the cast of LTYM was a moment I will never forget. I have a copy of the email, "CONGRATULATIONS, You Are Part Of The 2016 CAST" sitting beside my writing desk. To say I was overwhelmed is an understatement. I cried tears of joy at the powerful acknoweldgemt and still get goosebumps when I think about being on that stage and sharing my essay. The acknowledgement from the amazing producers, Vikki Reich and Galit Breen gave me the courage to powerfully say, I AM A WRITER and I will forever be grateful for their encouragement and devotion to truth.

Over 700 souls witnessed our stories that night and tonight, the stories will be different, but the magic and truth will be the same. Every heart present will be touched, reminded and moved by each powerful presentation.

If you are free tonight, you can see if tickets are available. If not, please take the time to listen to the stories later on YouTube. You won't regret it.

Miles watching his Mama on stage...One of my favorite images of the night!