Waiting PATIENTLY for Spring!

Winter seems to be dragging on and on and we are so thankful to have the house to keep us busy as we wait-patiently for Spring! Jon and his Landschute team took apart the old main entrance and are turning it into a really special fireplace mantel. The main staircase took over a month to finish…Lots of detailed cuts and trim work but the end result is breathtaking! The treads are painted and I keep envisioning myself and the kids running up and down this beautiful staircase. We are also in the process of building a really cool circular bookcase in the upstairs hallway, I've nicknamed it the "oval office," and Jay and I have been collecting old books in preparation of decorating this gorgeous room. On our last trip to London, we bought a collection of antique, green bound hardcover books that I cannot wait to display!! And lastly, the master bath is primed and ready for paint and the shower tile has been installed. It all looks so amazing! Next we move on to the main floor and this little lady is pretty excited to get her kitchen built! The old main entrance!

Treads are being painted!

Circular bookcase in the works!

Master bath ready for paint!

Jay and Jon discussing tile!