Wait! We bought a new house!?!?


Before we could sign on the dotted line, I needed to know what Jon Monson of Landschute thought of the home. I had so many questions to ask him...Could this home be restored or would he consider it a tear -down? Was this a property that he would even be willing to take on? Could we get a new driveway that led right up to the front door? (With only a single car tuck under and a long flight of steps to the kitchen, I couldn't help but see images of my kids starving because mom just didn’t have it in her to go the grocery store.)

Jon smiled and assured me that this was a magnificent piece of property and that it could absolutely be restored and brought back to life and into the twenty-first century. He acknowledged that the garage was going to be tricky, but I could see the wheels turning in his head and I trusted that he was the man for the job!

So, with Jon on board, Jay and I closed on 980 Shady with total confidence that it could and would be brought back to life!

The day of the closing was one of those rare Minnesota Spring days where temps reach into the 70′s. As soon as we got the keys to 980 Shady Lane, Jay and I headed straight to our new lake home. At every red light, grinning from ear to ear, we’d look at each other and say, “wait, did we just buy a new house?” I think we were still very much in shock! We pulled into the lot and eagerly walked up to the front door. Jay put the key in and said, “ready?”

As we entered "our" new home, we were beckoned by the sun and the water to the best part of the house, the backyard. The water on Lake Minnetonka was calm and the Wayzata Yacht club had the afternoon sailing team in full swing. The sailors were drifting by in their 420′s and we could hear the kids giggling out on the lake. Their laughter drifted across the water, it was sweet and songlike. You know that feeling when you haven’t felt the sun in awhile? The way you want to lift your chin and have the warmth envelope you? That’s what that day felt like. Joyful and warm, like the best dream you have ever had. It is a day that I will never forget.