There's Something Happening Here

Here I am...Little ol' me, starting my very own company! Look at the excitement on my face! I met with a banker and told him my business plan and you know what he said? "That's sounds amazing!" Talk about encouragement and a positive outlook, that left me smiling from ear to ear.

I left that bank with my new business account, a dream and a big smile on my face. I even made Jay stop and take this picture of me and his smile made me smile even more. 

Starting new things can be scary. Especially a business. I've had my doubts and fears, and honestly, I still do. But something keeps pushing me forward. What is that something?

Well, something happened this past Fall, when my pastor pulled me aside and said that I was going to be doing something soon, something that would be successful. At first, I was like, me? No. But for months, that conversation stayed with me, and whenever I worked on anything, be it my novel or my instagram, I wondered, is this it? Is this the something?

I had just gotten ready for the day, was tinkering around in my bathroom (looking for a cool shot for my instagram) and I was struck with my business idea. Like, literally struck. But before the answer came, I had asked God, why am I doing this? And this is the awesomeness of God...He sometimes gives answers quickly, that are so loud and clear that they stop you in your tracks.

So, I stopped everything I was doing and called my oldest daughter, Emmie who is a genius at marketing and advertising and quickly told her the idea that God had just given me. Her response, much like the banker's was, "that's going to be awesome. Do it!! I'll help you."

Now—you may be thinking, really, God gave you this idea? And the answer is YES! He did. Nothing pleases God more than us pursuing the passions that he has placed upon our hearts.

So people, if I can be struck with an idea out of nothing, meet with a banker and start something from scratch, YOU CAN TOO!

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