There's Just Something About This Porch

I loved designing this porch! Really, I dreamt about it for months...The colors, the wicker, the tables and chairs. All of it. 

The back side of Mona Bina is quite expansive. So much so that there was enough for space for a dinner table for 8, a middle set of chairs with ottomans (this is where you will find Jay and I most of the time) and a love-seat with 2 rockers. 

I knew I wanted a light grey wicker and found the perfect set from Kingsley Bates.  I chose soft colors for the cushions, so they wouldn't compete with all the beautiful greenery and flowers. If your read my earlier post, "Meet Buster," you've seen some of the cushions that my dog, Buster has destroyed!! Ugh...That dog!

Because Buster is constantly dragging them out to the yard and getting them filthy, I thought I'd mix it up and try a darker cushion and although they were cute, they just didn't have the same effect as the light ones. When the new ones arrived, I called Jay and said, "the new cushions came and they are so cute!" He replied, "That's great, but how do they taste?" LOL, cleary we have a problem!! So back to my light blue and linen white colors. Buster...Please stay away from them!

These photos were taken by, Troy Theis for The Sitting Room Studio and every time I post one of these—people seem to really feel a connection. Whether it's a repost on instagram, a sweet comment or a tale of inspiration—I love that my favorite spot, not only bring me so much joy, but also makes others smile as well.

So here's to (almost) summer and all the fun it brings! If you're looking for us, we'll be right here (probably pulling expensive cushions out of our dog's mouth.) 

XO ~Heather