The House I Wasn't Looking For...

First, I love my house!  My current house.  In fact, I had no plans to EVER leave it.  But, just when I wasn't looking, I stumbled upon 980 Shady Lane. Our friend and realtor, Jennifer called to tell me about an historic lake home that had just gone on the market. The details were that it had been abandoned and needed A LOT of love. Being the curious little decorator that I am, I convinced my husband, Jay that we should at least go and take a look.

When we pulled into the driveway, I was intrigued! The house reminded me of the home in the movie, "Father Of The Bride." Classic and charming.  The feeling I got as I turned the front door knob for the first time was one I will never forget. I had visions of myself turning that knob hundreds of thousands of times and shouting, "I'm home." I could even picture the groceries that I would carry and the pretty little table where I would set my car keys.

One of the traits I loved instantly was the breathtaking view of Lake Minnetonka's Wayzata Bay. The sun was hitting the lake just right and there were sailboats drifting by. As Jen toured us around, I could see all the work that had to be done. It was a MAJOR renovation project and I wasn't entirely sure I was up for the challenge, that is until we stepped into the back yard.

Just like the visions I had at the front door, the backyard almost made me cry. I could literally picture my daughter, Emmie getting married, grandkids running around and quiet moments with Jay just staring out at the lake. I looked up at my husband (he is pretty tall) and could tell that he knew by the look in my eyes that I was  enamored with this home.

So, with very little warning and completely trusting our instincts, we were about to make an offer on a house we weren't even looking for.