Spring has sprung!

There is something about Spring that just encourages change! I swear, it is these days, where the temperature is rising, you can hear the drip-drop of the melting snow and the birds signing along in perfect rhythm that makes the anticipation of it all so rewarding! And I for one, am ready for change! It has been almost a year since we moved into the carriage house (which I adore,) but I can honestly say, it's time to move! The builders are now off of the second level, which means the painters are right behind them! The master bed is built and breathtaking, the "oval office" is complete, the boy's floor has its first coat of camp green paint and I, along with the help of Nan from The Sitting Room have made final decisions on all wall coverings. Also, Jon's wife, Mary and I are just tweaking our final lighting decisions. Mary has an amazing eye and I am so lucky to have her input and ideas. She loves to incorporate vintage and new lighting, giving the house a lot of interest, charm and sophistication.

Master bed with built-in bookcases!

This will be surrounded by vintage books!

Boy's green floor-put in at an angle!

Darling shadow boxes being built-in to boys wall!