Patiently Waiting

Here's the thing...I thought my big reveal would be June 1. Well, that was a little naive of me. But, it's okay. I'm learning. You see, I want everything to happen right now. I want to reveal my full business with pictures and words and videos and snap my fingers—Wallah—and have it all be done. But I can't. I have to wait.I love this quote, because it literally reminds me that waiting is being in action. And I love being in action. Wait, I can say that better...I love POWERFULLY BEING IN ACTION! In my relationships, my novel, my new business, my yoga classes...Action is what keeps me trucking along even when the wheels are getting worn and tired. And if they brake, I just ask for help and boy, do I need a lot of it!I need help with marketing advice, in having more patience when people I need are busy, in finding the perfect products, in the shipping of said perfect products, with my website, my branding. I need help when doubt creeps in...Why do you think anyone would even want this? Ahh, yes, I need lots of help.

I hope my box (yep, box—that was a hint from a previous post) is something you'll want to save and possibly collect overtime. Oh, how I hope you'll want to collect them!! P.S They are beautiful!!

But for all this to happen, I need patience. A lot of it! Even when my excitement is through the roof! Even when the merchandise is piling up on my dining room table and overflowing onto my countertops. I have to wait, because waiting is the right thing, the smart thing.

Wow, Pinterest, you nailed it today! What a great reminder to enjoy the process. To harness my eagerness into a beautiful time of discovery and exploration. You win Pinterest. You win!

So, it looks like I have some more waiting to do— before I can reveal the entire collection. But just like me, I hope you'll actively wait in anticipation! I promise, it won't be much longer! 

Thank you Pinterest and God, for that last shout out! :)

XO ~Heather