Off To Market We Go!

In order for me to properly get the goods I need for my new business adventure, I flew to the Atlanta market (a whole sale experience for retailers.) Let me remind you that I am a total newbie, and to say I was completely overwhelmed would be an understatement. Thankfully, I had Starr (my son's amazing girlfriend) accompany me. Starr happened to be wearing a darling (very southern) plaid romper with a bow and everywhere we went, and I mean EVERYWHERE, all I heard all day was, "how cute are you? Well aren't you just so cute! And that romper is amazing!" But I digress. Starr is wonderful for many reasons, but one of the things Starr is best at is staying organized and creating and adhering to a schedule. For instance, when I was tired and wanted to call it quits, she said, "let's just peak on the next floor." People, there are 3 buildings with 18 floors each here!!! Thankfully, I listened to her, because when we turned the corner-I found exactly what I needed for my (GET READY FOR YOUR VERY FIRST HINT) "box." 

This is the badge they gave me at registration and I nearly peed my pants. I mean how exciting?

Along the way, I came across these darling wooden swans. You aren't supposed to take pictures, so please excuse the quality (I was trying to hurry so I wouldn't get kicked out.)

I also fell in love with all the blue and white ceramics! Rows and rows of beauty!!

Here I am at my happiest—in this amazing bookstore!

After we were done at market, we explored the gorgeous surrounding shops in Buckhead. Boxwoods is a darling store front! The second you walk in the door you are overwhelmed with classic southern charm. The garden pictures below were taken in the back of the house. These are some of the sweetest gardens I have ever seen!

I also realized after seeing this sofa that I need a floral couch in my life! This is from a brand new store called, House Of Hazen.

Here's Starr in her sweet little romper...I mean...I guess you could say she's pretty cute in it! Btw, did anyone see my cute dress pictured above...Just wondering!  :) 

Tomorrow, we hit the antique stores! Until then...


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