Nola In A Nutshell

Daily Blog #12 is a quick recap of my day in New Orleans. My sister used to live here (before Katrina) so I am very familiar with the town and food! Nola is a special place and if you don't know it, you should! Forget what you've seen on television about Bourbon street...That is NOT what New Orleans is all about! I promise! Although it does exist, Nola is really about family, food and traditions. 

Since today was a travel day, I promise tomorrow will be filled with more fun finds and pictures. I plan to visit my favorite street, Magazine and soak in all the fabulous boutiques and antique shops. 

For diner, we (my mom, sister and sister-n-law) met up with my niece, Jenna and her new boyfriend, Eric (who we loved) and ate dinner at a fabulous restaurant called, Dick and Jenny's. It was amazing! Jenna was so happy to have us here for a visit and it made the night so meaningful to be able to show up and support her. Family is everything!

Until tomorrow New Orleans...

XO ~Heather