My friend, Hayley

I am so excited to highlight a very special lady in my life! Meet Hayley Stoen—Owner of The Atelier Collection. Isn't she darling? I sure think so! Not only do I buy most of my vintage art from her, I also take her stylish tips on all things fashion. She is the epitome of classic and chic. I mean...Just look at her!

"Hayley is an art historian and dealer who curates and restores original works of art that she acquires at auctions, estate sales, and antique shops throughout the United States and Europe. Hayley has her B.A. in French from the University of Minnesota and has spent time living and working abroad in both France and England, cultivating her love of history and culture." She's the real deal!

I love when I find out Hayley has gone "hunting" for new pieces. She has "an informed and thoughtful selection process and offers an array of timeless seascapes, landscapes and genre paintings." My favorites are the nautical clipper ships that I cannot stop collecting! She also has "a variety of artistic styles and movements represented in the collection including realism, impressionism, fauvism, cubism and abstract expressionism." She has it all!

Not only does Hayley have (in my opinion) the very best collection of vintage art, she also has the talent to pick out the perfect frames that are unique to each and every piece. Every time she restores (yes, she does that too!) and frames her collections, she brings old art back to life! I love this!

Hayley started selling her art on Etsy a few years ago and had such success that she opened up her very own gallery! If you are lucky enough to live in Minnesota, you can stop by her AMAZING space, Le Petite Gallery in Excelsior. And if Hayley herself doesn't charm the socks right off your feet—her art surely will! Don't worry, you can still shop her collection on Etsy or her website. Both highlighted above. 

For my oldest daughter's birthday, as a surprise, I brought her to this sweet gallery and told her to pick out her very first vintage piece. She was thrilled! I loved watching her deliberate over each and every one...Holding them up in different lights, stepping away from them and looking at the perspective and wondering, "will I still love this years from now?" Well, the answer was and is... YES! I left knowing I had just started a new tradition...A new piece of art every year! Can you imagine the beautiful collection she will have over time? So fun!

For inquiries or to set up a gallery appointment, please contact Hayley Stoen at or text 858-692-3207. Don't forget to follow her on social media: Instagram @ateliercollection and 

The Atelier Collection-200 Water Street-Suite 204-Excelsior, MN 55331

It has been my absolute pleasure introducing Hayley to you all! 

xo ~Heather

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