Meet Abbey—She's Amazing!

Abbey Holden is my best friend's daughter, which kinda makes her feel like my daughter too. Lucky me! I've watched Abbey learn to ride a bike, fall down steps, swim countless laps at swim meets and giggle with my daughter, Emmie for hours on end. 

When Abbey started at a new high school, I wrote her a letter—telling her how brave I thought she was. When she left for college, I cried on my way over to give her a hug and another "you're the bravest Abbey note." When Abbey graduated, she was hired (no surprise to anyone that knows her) on the spot at Lily Pulitzer. How cool is that? This beautiful young lady, packed up her bags and moved to Philadelphia and started a new life. I know...So brave right?

What I love most about Abbey, (besides her amazing art) is her steadfast yearning for what is true and real. Yes, she had the glamorous job in a fun city, but something just didn't feel right. The job was amazing, but that comfort and knowing that you're in the right place, was off. And being as brave as she is, she quit her dream job.

Abbey loaded the life she had made in Philadelphia into her car and headed home to Minneapolis to find her art, herself and the true meaning of home. Watching Abbey grow her business, Abbey Holden Studio  is like watching God wave a magic wand directly over her heart. "Here, my child. This is where you will shine." Well, that's what I imagine he said anyway. :)

Following God's lead, Abbey started her own business—taking commissions and listening with a thoughtful ear to people like me! Abbey has an amazing eye for beauty as seen in this American flag that she brought to life based off my simple idea. It's even prettier in person! Fun fact, Abbey is the lead designer for my BOX! I cannot wait for you to see it! It's magical....Just like Abbey.

As you can imagine, I am not the first to highlight this amazing talent. Abbey has been written about on TBH By Emmie, Artful Living magazine, Milk & Honey magazine and her art has also been seen in one of my favorite magazines, Domino. Her gorgeous pieces are for sale at Gray Home and The Sitting Room in Excelsior MN and currently on many of Lily Pulitzers best selling prints and walls. 

My favorite thing about how God works is that His timing is always spot on. Abbey has been home for a year building her own brand, when Lily Pulitzer called and asked if Abbey would travel to stores and paint in house! So now—she has her own growing business and still gets her "other" dream job on the side. I mean...How awesome?!

Isaiah 60:22 When the time is right, I, the Lord, will make it happen.

Contact Abbey:                                                                             www.abbeyholdenstudio.comFollow her on instagram @abbeyholdenstudio

XO ~Heather

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