Mama's Got A Brand New Chair

My sweet little nook got a brand new look! And I am so excited about the change that I can barely wait to get up in the morning and ponder over design details. The nook is an open but small space that we hang out in on a daily basis. It's super cozy and if my day is too rushed and I don't get my time in this very corner—I feel a little "off" all day. This is where I read my devotions, plan my yoga classes, do my instagram and where I am currently writing this daily blog #18! I can say with certainty—that everything happens in the nook.

My new chairs are from Wesley Hall and the fabric is different shades of blue and white in a small diamond pattern. I picked it because I was torn between a pattern and/or a solid fabric and this was just the right mix of both looks. It's hard to see in this picture, but I piped it in a contrasting green that matches the fireplace tiles. 

The nook only has three corners. Where the fourth corner should be is an open space that leads into the kitchen. This space has always been difficult for me to decorate. I started with a small love seat to break up the rooms, but something never felt exactly right.

I know what your thinking...But Heather this is cute!? And yes, you are correct, but it didn't solve my corner issue. So, I decided to follow the initial plan for the room, that Nan from The Sitting Room drew out almost five years ago and try four chairs. Nan was right! The corner problem was solved. This picture was taken soon after the movers set the chairs in place. Take a look.

So....A lot is changing in this picture; A rug is on its way, the cute Quatrine ottoman that I bought at 60% off (YAY!!!) is being slipcovered in a yellow (way out of the box for me) and a pretty blue and green Schumacher trim. That tall side table has already been moved. I'm such a visual person that I have to try things out and move them around until I know exactly what I need. I am happy to report that I love these chairs and the way they fill up the space and as soon as the ottoman and rug are done, I will update with a "finished" picture. But truthfully, I'm never truly done.

XO ~Heather