Look what we found in the carriage house!

When landschute gutted the main floor of the carriage house, Jon sent Jay and I an email describing some of the "things" that he had found...Let's just say it hadn't totally been abandoned!! Apparently, some critters had been using the carriage house as a cozy home during the cold winter months! (I can't help but picture raccoon parties and little critter get togethers!)

The biggest surprise came from behind the wall in the upstairs porch...Jon and his team found a GIANT bee hive!! This picture doesn't even do it justice...It is HUGE and spans a few feet wide! Jay and I remembered that this past Fall, before Landschute had ripped down the wall, there were A LOT of dead bees...And when I say "A LOT," I mean hundreds! Well, now we know why!

Honey anyone??

I'm hoping that all the recent activity at the house will keep the critters and the bees at bay!! :)