Jay's dream garage!

In order to create an easy access garage, Jon Monson decided that a "turnabout" was our best option. This great idea allowed us to have the charming port cochere which leads to the attached garage and a large area below for Jay's ultimate dream garage!

Because of the steep incline leading up to the house, the turn about was the most clever and best use of the space...It also allowed us the "EXTRA" space below for Jay's garage!

My favorite part of Jay's garage is that we get all that added space, without the unsightly look of an addition! Because of Jon's smart design, the exterior will be largely covered with trees and shrubs (you will hardly notice the space when looking at the house) a detail that makes this little lady very happy!

So what does a "an ultimate dream garage" look like for Jay? Well, here are just a few of the fantasies that I have overheard! You can see Jay (pictured below) holding out his arms, "I will put my Trans Am here, (dreaming...he doesn't own one) my Defender right here and my (insert dream car) here! And wouldn't it be so cool to have mood lighting and hit a special switch and have music start to play?" CRAZY! I know!!

Needless to say, I get a wee bit nervous when I see Jay and Jon talking in the space and Jon is nodding his head "yes!"

In the next few weeks Landschute will start to frame the garage and add the stone...I can't wait to share all the upcoming changes!

Stay posted! :)