It has begun...

House cut in half What a fun surprise to see that work had begun! They started to prepare for the driveway and the new porte-cochère, which is French for "coach gate". This was a new term for me. Apparently, these portico-like structures added a main or secondary entrance to a building or home through which a horse and carriage - or now, as in our case, a motor vehicle - can pass in order for the occupants to be protected from the weather. How "Downton Abbey"! While the porte-cochère is sure to be classic and charming, it is actually Jon Monson's answer to bringing 980 Shady into the 21st century. Visitors will not have to climb up a steep hill to our front door (nothing like starting a visit winded and in need of a glass of water) and it makes it possible for me to carry the groceries straight into the house which is a significantly better than having to carry them up an entire flight of stairs. (The existing garage, not visible, is below the screened porch.)

If you look closely at the picture, you can see that they cut the front of the house in half! In a few weeks, this will look completely different and I cannot wait to watch it evolve. Eventually, we will literally be able to drive straight through the house!

PS. That's my daughter, Ruby. She's saying, "how did they do that?