Instagram Inspired (again!)

Instagram love for the week goes out to Sarah Bartholomew and her amazing design—Green Hills Georgian. I've been following her for some time now and I am always pleased when I get a notification that a new picture has been posted. Get ready to have your socks blown right off your feet. She is so talented! You can follow her on instagram @sarahbartholomewdesign. Although all of her designs are jaw dropping, this particular project stole my heart!! Take a look.

This wallpaper, that chair, those sweet baskets by that darling library table. I can't even handle it! I also love how the dining room is done in completely different tones. 

Sarah describes her aesthetic as a "fresh take on classical design." And I couldn't agree more. I love how she boldly pairs patterns and textures that weave a story of practicality and elegance from room to room. The contrasts and beauty are outstanding!

Notice the vignette she created on the antique dresser? The coffee table books, the touch of natural found in the aragonite rock, the art on the easel and the topiary—all create an effortless, yet sophisticated lived in look. My new business  (hint#2) is all about creating that exact look! 

I love this set of photos! The mini slipper chairs next to the antique dresser. And the the collection of blue and white ceramics adding even more height and drama. And the coffee table vignette...Again, a touch of flowers, the sea shell for texture and the coffee table books! All my favorites!

As if you weren't already going to spend the rest of your day dreaming about this Georgian beauty, take a look at this stunning bedroom. The greens, the blues—be still my heart! I love the touch of wood in the ottoman at the foot of the bed and the natural shades—adding depth to this refreshing suite. Good design tip—always add depth!

Well, I sure hope you enjoyed this stunning piece of design as much as I did. Hey Sarah, if you're ever in Minneapolis, I'd love for you to make over my house! #notkidding

xo ~Heather