Today, I yelled at this machine.

This unassuming little machine got the best of me, because I failed to listen to ALL of the instructions. I had more of a, I've got this—kind of attitude. 

People, I did not have this!

Jay was so excited about our new Google Home that he couldn't wait to show me how it worked. I watched him in awe as he effortlessly said, "Hey Google, play Hall & Oates." Then watched the pretty little thing light up and play, "you make my dreams come true."

He continued, "hey Google, play "she's gone.'" And again, dutifully—it followed his command. 

The next morning, (feeling like I also needed some Hall & Oates in my life) said, "Google, play 'rich girl'."

Nothing. Not a light or blink of recognition. Nada!

Again, "Google." Nothing.

So I moved closer. Maybe it didn't hear me?

Louder, "GOOOOOGLE!" "Play Hall & Oates!!!" Crickets. 


I yelled into and at this machine. I even picked it up and examined it, cursing the space it was taking up on my pretty French dresser. Seriously! Why won't it listen to me?

Jay came home and I quickly told him that his stupid Google thing didn't work. And you know what he did? He said, "HEY GOOGLE," (from quite a distance—I may add,) "play, Hall & Oates" and the darned thing lit up and played "Kiss on my lips."

All I needed to do was say, "Hey."