Happy May Day!

Happy May day! I am so excited that starting today, May 1 - I will embark on a daily blog! I was inspired by my daughter, Emmie and her amazing blog, TBHbyemmie (check it out-you'll love it!)

Writing and creating is hard work and sometimes (more often than not) I put it off because I know it will take up some serious time, but I'm committed and inspired so let's see where this goes. You can expect design and decor, inspirations that are currently motivating me and themes about life that encourage perseverance and stepping outside of the box. What challenge is currently knocking on the door to your heart? I'd love to hear!

May is also exciting, because I am embarking on a new business adventure (YIKES-talk about stepping outside of the box) that I will reveal in bits and pieces throughout the month. I cannot wait to share the final product with you!

I don't have any May baskets to share, but I do have a few pretty floral arrangement pictures that my good friend, Regina from, Designer Blooms (she's amazing!) has made. I always try to have fresh flowers somewhere in the house, because they inspire me and well, they're pretty! 

This pretty ginger jar was found at an antique store in Naples, Florida. I carried it all the way home and I love the way it changes depending on the flowers that I put in it. I sometimes move this piece around from room to room, because it looks good everywhere!

Regina and I love finding antique containers, like this blue & white clipper ship planter. I mean how cute? If you know me, you know I'm obsessed with clipper ships, and this one was really a fun find!!

This was actually my fruit bowl and Regina said, "don't you have any pretty bowls?" We both looked over at the fruit at the same time and said, "that one!" Sometimes, you have to think outside the box a little and see what beauty can come from it. There's that theme again...Stepping outside the box!!

XO ~Heather

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