Halfway There!

Today is the halfway point of my daily blogging for the month of May. Yay!! I'm doing it! But to be totally honest— there were a few days I traveled, where it took everything I had to blog. I had a gazillion reasons not to; no one is reading this anyways, I have nothing important to say, I'm too tired and why on earth did I ever say I would do this? But you know what? I'm committed. And when I truly commit, I'm all in. I have to be.

Daily writing and picture taking have become my new passions and because of my instagram, @sweetshadylane, everywhere I look— I'm in tune with sweet vignettes and pretty designs (I love this!) And searching for beauty daily— has truly been a gift. 

Every morning I wake, I start wondering what will inspire me enough to write? And people, this takes discipline, which involves me following through and showing up day after day—one little blog at a time. And even though somedays are harder than others, I'm still rejoicing in the freedom that comes with living out my passion. I know, Neil Strauss's quote above mentions, "hobby," but I have hard time believing that what I'm experiencing is as simple as that...Like I don't want to make it small, because it feels BIG and beckoning. 

I love what Anne Lamott (in my writing group, we call her Saint Anne,) says about discipline...

Thank you St. Anne Lamott, I think I'll do just that. 

What in your own life is BIG and BECKONING? I'd love to hear. 

XO ~Heather