Get Instagram Inspired!

Do you know how inspiring an instagram account can be? Honestly, for a long time, I did not. Of course, I followed my family and friends and friends of friends and co-workers and I love all their posts about food, babies and trips, but it wasn't until I started my own design inspiration account, @sweetshadylane that I realized there is a whole BIG world of talented (very talened) people out there. Yay for all of us! So every week, I am going to pick a design-inspired instagram that I am currently...Being inspired by!

Today's instagram inspiration is from @loveyourperch, and you won't believe this house!! I just happened upon it (a little late to the game) on my search feed and I kid you not, my heart stopped beating! Home Bunch (also an amazing account) recently featured this amazing home on their blog, Beautiful Homes Of Instagram and I love the way they showcased Missy's talent and the elegant beauty of her home in Maryland. Like Sweet Shady Lane, Missy's home has a ton of history and Missy does a beautiful job of preserving the magnificent estate. Take a peek at just a sampling of pictures from Missy's feed. Hopefully, you won't stop breathing like I did!

The exterior is awe inspiring! Set on over 40 acres of land...It is truly a masterpiece! 

A peak into her amazing kitchen and eating area. In my next home (if there is one) I will be painting my trim black! How stunning? 

Her designs are so intricate and not overdone. Sophisticated, but also warm and inviting. Ahh...Everything I love!!

No curtains needed when you can showcase this beautiful, Laurel wreath over this understated and gloriously beautiful bench. 

Can you see why I fell instantly in love with this account? I hope you do too!