Georgia On My Heart!

Let it be known that today, May 11, 2017 was the day that I officially fell in love with Atlanta, Georgia. My day started with a morning run through tree lined streets in the magnificent neighborhood of Buckhead. The houses are so southern, classic and seriously, AMAZING! The whole time, I felt like I was watching a tennis match—my head moving from left to right the entire route-I didn't want to miss a single one!

After my run, I planned a day of antiquing. And oh, Atlanta, you did not disappoint! One of my best traveling tips is to search out the one fabulous store, like Boxwoods and then ask them where else you should go. Not only do you get an amazing list of do-not-miss shops, they almost always share their favorite lunch spots along the way. Bonus!

My first stop was Dearing Antiques. People…This was so cute! The owner, Gail Dearing was sweet as can be and gave me a list of more do-not-miss-shops that were near hers. Dearing Antiques is filled with beautiful furniture and antique wicker pieces along with a few hundred pieces of majolica. I was so impressed with her sweet store that I asked her if I could take her picture. Of course, she wanted Starr in it. Go figure! 

A sampling of photos from inside Gail's fabulous store!

After we were done at Dearing, we headed across the street on foot to my new favorite Atlanta destination...Foxglove Antiques! People….RUN, don't walk. It goes on forever and a day and it is a feast for the eyes. I truly will not stop thinking about this store!

This may be the best curated and well thought out antique showroom that I have ever encountered! Filled with a European and soulful style, the showroom feels like a tour through Belgian, Italy, France and Sweden. I took a few pictures, but really you need to be walking down the aisles to fully appreciate all its beauty!

To top off our amazing shopping experience, the fine people at Foxgloves told us where to lunch. Starr and I walked down the street to, Eclipse Di Luna and dined on the finest tapas I've ever had (and I've been to Spain!) Here's a picture of my avocado, artichoke and tomato salad. I asked for the ingredients in the dressing and will try to make when I'm home. Stay tuned! 

Tomorrow, I am off to New Orleans to to visit my niece! More fun antiquing and food to follow! 

XO ~Heather