Fun finds!

One of the things I love most about decorating is the search for unique and quality pieces that will give a home that "special" feeling. You know when you walk in a home and it just feels lovely and you can't quite put your finger on why? That's the kind of home I strive to create. Truth be told, somedays I want to snap my fingers and have it all be done, but knowing myself the way I do, that would be down right depressing! I know first hand that there is nothing I love more than to come across a special piece, knowing that it will be perfect in my home! Here are some fun finds I have acquired over the last year.

I found these great chairs at "Traditions" in St. Louis Park for $299!! They are so comfortable you wouldn't even believe it! A customer brought them back because the fabric was pilling, but I was thrilled because I was looking for something cheap to recover! IMG_9130

I found this awesome blue "Schumacher" floral with blues and greens that really highlight the colors off the lake...Here is how they turned out. Just lovely don't you think? IMG_9484

This coffee table is a 1970's Baker that I found on Etsy! Yes, I said ETSY! I was on a mad search for a table that had a brass finish and I nearly fell off my desk chair when this one popped up! I love the charming curves and bamboo legs. I know it's hard to believe that a table could make someone so happy...But this table always makes me smile! IMG_9157

On a weekend trip to Chicago, I dragged Jay all over town searching for cute little items. Jon Monson built quite a few built-in bookcases into our home and I was not about to let them sit empty for long. Needless to say, Jay was a trooper and nice to have on hand to carry things! Here are some Chicago finds. Darling books...I love the anchor!Cutest little stool...I may recover later, but I love the gold legs.

And then there are my beloved Nantucket finds! I LOVE Nantucket! I mean I really LOVE Nantucket! It is one of my favorite shopping destinations and the perfect place to find one of a kind pieces for 980 Shady.

A couple of years back now, we were vacationing as a family in Nantucket and I saw these beautiful star lights hanging over a dining room table in the store front. I literally stopped in my tracks, grabbed Jay's arm and said, "we have to have those!" I loved how unique they were and I thought the stars had a real nautical feel that I knew would work well off the lake. I proceeded to get all the pricing and measurements and knew when the time was right that I would order them for above the kitchen island, (this gets to be a really long story, so try to hang in there.)

Well, the time was right, so I called! I called again! I kept calling!! I emailed. I had my builder call. I even called the surrounding stores and asked them to help me. Desperate...YES!! You get the picture right? So I decided I wanted these lights so badly that I met Emmie in Nantucket for a girls trip in early Spring. Any excuse to get to Nantucket is a good one!! I walked in and bought the lights.

And then I waited to receive them. And then I waited some more. When I got tired of waiting, I tried to call again and again and again! I finally had to hire-yes HIRE a concierge to physically go to the store to find out why they had not been shipped. I finally looked up some reviews on this store and found out that the owner is notorious for not shipping items. People actually paid and never received their purchases!!!

Long story short, she sent me the globes and not the electrical inserts, which I had to have made by a lighting guy in town. Luckily, American Express stopped payment. Thank you Amex!! It was a such hassle and a horrible way to run a business, but my oh my, I still love these pendants! This picture is from my trip with Emmie when I bought the lights. The store owner is holding them. URGGGGHH!! IMG_7806

On that same trip with Emmie, I was leaving an antique store and noticed this clipper ship painting out the corner of my eye. I had already bought a few items for the house and felt like it was time to stop. I walked out the door, down the street and realized that I would never come across such a unique piece of art in those charming colors. I grabbed Emmie and said, "we have to go back!" I got one of those "oh my gosh mom" gestures, but got her to turn around and walk the three blocks back. As of right now, it is one of my most treasured pieces I have moved it from the nook, to the dining room, to the kitchen and my bedroom. It literally can go anywhere and I love that about a great find! Definitely worth going back to get! IMG_7844

I also love going to flea markets and twice a year there is a big "Junk Bonanza" in town. I found this amazing old pub sign at the bonanza and I couldn't resist it! After I bought it, I continued shopping and later went back to get it and the shop owner said she could have sold it a hundred times! I felt pretty lucky that day!! 980 Shady backs up to the railroad tracks that run through downtown Wayzata and this sign was perfect for our home! IMG_7649

As you can see, I filled my trunk with baskets and art and flowers and all sorts of knick knacks! Oh, I love a good flea market!! IMG_9228

And then there is the clipper ship dresser that I found and had to have in Naples. There is a darling store there called, "English Traditions" on Fifth Street in downtown Naples. We used to have a similiar store in Minneapolis called, "Euronest," but it closed its doors a couple of years ago and nearly broke my heart! The dresser was hand-painted in France and has been moved all over the house! I'm not sure where it will finally rest, but here it is as a front entry piece. (I have since decided that is not large enough and it is now sitting behind my couch.) I love the colors in this piece!

So that is just a taste of some of the fun finds I have acquired on my journey to make 980 Shady a home!

I promise there will be more to come!