Big Girl Steps

Today, I did something that I jokingly tell my family was, "very big girl of me."

I filed my taxes.

As most of you know, well those who are following along on my daily blog, I started my own business, Sweet Shady Lane LLC., and today was the day that I needed to file.

Although, I haven't released my actual product yet, (there have been a few hints along the way and more to come) the tax man came a-knocking (actually emailing) reminding me that my due date was indeed today.

So, I rolled up my sleeves, (my robe actually) sat down at my desk with my readers ready to go (I can't see a darn thing anymore) and hit the login button. I got the dreaded, "your login or password must be incorrect, please try again." So again, I tried. I tried and tried until I had to call my mom (yes, my mom...She's good at this stuff) and ask for help. These little pesky login scenarios drive to me to just give up, but I didn't, I stayed the course. I had to.

My mom and my sister know that helping me with things of "this nature" are sometimes, lets say, "patience testing." My sister, Holly helped me start up my blog, Sweet Shady Lane almost 6 years ago and she said, and I quote, "it would have been easier to teach my dog how to read." We die laughing about this now, but you know what? She was kinda right, but a pat on the ol' back for me, cause I think I have this blogging thing kind of sorted out!

Here's the deal, I have a creative brain and computer stuff and anything math related, shuts me down— And if I do get stuck along the way, I just text my daughter, Emmie...She knows how to do almost everything!

After I finally was able to log in (thank you, very kind MN Dept. of Revenue man who helped me on the phone) I weaved around the busy screen, reading, learning, reading some more until I hit the send button and paid my first business taxes.

Was it easy? Nope! Do I have a lot to learn about owning my own business? You bet! But friends, I was a big girl today and I'm excited about that!

XO ~Heather