A Rare Bird

Today, I stumbled upon a hidden Minneapolis gem...A Rare Bird on West 5oth Street. Kelly Wallace, the shop owner was a true delight, and I fell in love with all the beautiful antiques and treasures that fill up this quaint little shop. Take a peak inside...

Kelly always had dreams of owning the exact storefront that she currently occupies and still has to pinch herself that it's an actual reality. I love this! Growing up in the area, Kelly feels like her store is right in her own back yard and as a customer, I felt that same familiarity, almost like meeting up for coffee with an old friend. The store is so warm and welcoming and filled with treasures...I could hardly contain myself.

As most of you know, I am currently OBSESSED with Myrtle topiaries...And get ready for it...Kelly has at least a dozen currently for sale. Run—don't walk!! I even picked up a few more. I simply cannot resist these beauties!

This is one of my favorite images from the store. Kelly has an amazing eye and in every vignette—her store reflects it. Sorry, there are a couple of shell boxes not pictured, because I had to have them!

Just look at those sweeties beneath that fabulous mirror! I am in love! Myrtles everywhere!!

This is what the store front looks like...There are a few more antique stores on this street and surrounding corners that I have gone to for years (but now— this one is my FAVORITE!) It's funny, I always went to the same shops, and for 2 years simply just didn't take a few steps more until today. I'm so happy I did!

I promise, you are going to love this little rare bird of a store and her second store a few steps down, A Rare Bird 2. 

A Rare Bird ~Beautifully Curious Antiques and Goods

3016 W. 50th Street Minneapolis, MN 55410

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

XO ~Heather