Social Media Expert~Who Knew?

Wow, I never thought I'd say that I'd be good at social media, but for some crazy reason, I kind of am. Weird, I know. And truly, I am not trying to brag. No one is more surprised at this than little ol' me. My kids and my husband will tell you, this has not been an easy task for me to learn, but somehow I have persevered. Look at Mama now kids!! :) 

look at me being all professional!

Because of my surprising—new found talent, I was hired to take over The Sitting Room's instagram page @thesittingroommn and today was my very first photo shoot taking behind the scenes pictures and gathering photos for their feed. To say that I had an absolute blast searching for just the right angle, lighting and "sweet spot" in the rooms would be an understatement. It was pure JOY!

It's crazy that a room can be beautiful, stunning even, but when you take a picture and look at it as a whole, you can see all the bits and pieces that need tweaking. Maybe, I like it so much because it's like writing a story—the reader knows when the author is putting it all out there and the author knows that they can dig a little deeper. Photos, like good story telling, never lie and if they do, they most likely aren't any good. I love good story telling in a room. Actually, I love GREAT story telling in a room.

I've been an avid client of The Sitting Room since the day Kate Regan, the owner opened the doors, and if you are not familiar with The Sitting Room, you can click on the link, look at their portfolio and read all about them. They are exceptional designers and I love the stories they tell through decor. I'm also a huge fan of their home shopping studio in Excelsior, MN. It is filled with some of my favorite treasures—from furniture you can take right off the floor (no ordering and waiting 8-12 weeks) to beautiful art work, topiaries, picture frames, books, rugs and so much more. 

Here are some shots that I took this afternoon and that will soon be on their instagram.


Beautiful dining room vignette.

A pretty kitchen vignette.

Sweet little corner of the living room.

Here's to seeing what's possible, pursuing your passions and making dreams a reality!


Emmie Strommen