The Vignette Box

I've always loved design. Seriously, since I was nine years old, I would rearrange, tinker and make my room just right. When I was done redecorating my room, I'd move onto the living room-turning picture frames, angling chairs and give my mom advice on where the sofa should sit. How she put up with me-I do not know?

The Vignette Box is another expression of my love for home and the stories and creativity  that is available when you set just the right treasure on your end table, shelf, front entry piece or nightstand. The possibilities are endless. 

Each limited edition Vignette Box is filled with carefully curated treasures that I personally picked out just for you! Each box includes:

*one-of-a-kind mini landscape art by, Abbey Holden Studio

*custom bamboo easel

*"One Man's Folly" coffee table book filled with images of Furlow Gatgewood's magnificent dwellings

*cream cache pot

*beautiful preserved boxwood

*sweet brass antique figurine

The Vignette box is special, unique and made just for you! It makes a fabulous gift for a new couple, homeowner or your very best friend. I promise...You'll love it!


Place the treasures together or separate them however you choose. Stack other books on top of "One Man's Folly," frame the art for more dimension, place just the cache pot and brass figurine together on a shelf or side table.

The fun part is anything goes! And the possibilities are endless. YAY!!

I believe that creating a home is much like telling a story and my hope is that your own inner designer springs to life and you begin to play and have fun with your vignette and create more vignettes in other areas of your home.

What will your story be? I cannot wait to see! 

Xo, Heather

                  The Vignette Box is SOLD OUT. THANK YOU!!

                  The Vignette Box is SOLD OUT. THANK YOU!!


While The Vignette Box is currently sold out, I do have some treasures (art and brass figurines) still available if you're interested. Please reach They'd be wonderful gifts or add them to your current vignettes. 

Heather Strommen