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Sweet Shady Lane was originally a blog about the restoration of our beloved 1937 lake home—Mona Bina...

The lake house, "Mona Bina" named by her original owners, means Home For All. The blog was originally meant for family and friends to stay up to date on the transformation and beautiful restoration done by Landschute Homes. 

The blog has since morphed into an instagram @sweetshadylane where Heather shares daily photos of design inspiration in hopes that her readers will be inspired to see what is possible in their own homes. From the instagram...Heather created a small business...The Vignette Box—A sweet collection of hand picked treasures that Heather would use in her own home—all packaged beautifully in an artist designed keepsake box. 


I’m a self-taught designer fueled by passion, a writer/blogger, a dedicated yoga instructor and a mother of 4 pretty awesome kids!

I was 9 years old when I started decorating. Besides my own room (don’t even get me started on how many times I rearranged my bed,) my mom would come home from work to find that I had rearranged the entire living room! The tables were turned and sofas were moved. Beyond that, I would assemble a simple collection of books or move a special photo to just the right spot. It is still this same fascination, with simple yet transformative details, that has fueled my passion to make a house a home. 

I don’t care if that special something is eventually uncovered in a custom show room, a flea market or your very own basement – but, I do believe it is critical that you find those elements that speak the truth of who you are and what you represent. Lucky for me, that truth has translated, time and time again into homes that tell a story of lived in love. 

While I may not be a designer by trade — I am however, honored to have received some significant design pats on the back (featured in 2 national magazines.) I am most grateful that I know for sure—what feels right to me, and this serves as my ultimate guide. 

So, here I go…DESIGN, WRITE, REPEAT.  Thanks for being a part of it!